With a significant snowstorm on the way to the Washington area (the Capital Weather Gang is calling it “Snowquester”), I started thinking about snowflakes. Descending, they’re beautiful.  Collectively, they transform my usual world into a fairyland. Under my tires, well…I’m not so happy about them then.

But the most incredible thing about snowflakes is their diversity. None are exactly alike; yet scientists can classify them by their structure, from simple prisms to stellar dendrites and sectored plates.

Kind of reminds me of people. We have some commonalities but yet we’re all so different. What kind of God is this, who creates such diversity? It would have been so simple to stamp out snowflakes–or people–like Lego blocks, Yet He didn’t. 

When you look out of your window and see those billions of snowflakes, think of that God, and wonder.  

CalTech has an amazing guide to snowflakes:



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I love God, my family, dogs, the beach, and books of all sizes,shapes, and colors. I write "white-knuckle fiction"--FBI thrillers with a Christian twist. My favorite authors are John Piper, C.S. Lewis, and Paul. Someday, I hope to hear, "Well done, ..." But if I do, it'll be because Jesus has carried me through. Come visit my website at
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