A storm approaches from across Chincoteague Channel

Chincoteague, an island off the Eastern Shore of Virginia, is one of my favorite places on Earth. My grandparents lived there in the 1960s and 70s, and so I spent some time in the summers and weekends there. I’ve taken my own family back there, too, for vacations. So for me, Chincoteague connotes relaxation, the beach, nature, and family. Time off for good behavior!

Maybe you have a place like that in your life, too …


About lindajwhite

I love God, my family, dogs, the beach, and books of all sizes,shapes, and colors. I write "white-knuckle fiction"--FBI thrillers with a Christian twist. My favorite authors are John Piper, C.S. Lewis, and Paul. Someday, I hope to hear, "Well done, ..." But if I do, it'll be because Jesus has carried me through. Come visit my website at
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2 Responses to Chincoteague!

  1. Vickie Hayes says:

    I love the beach. I like to walk on the beach and smell the salt air watching the waves feeling the peace of God inside me as my stress level goes down. However, my favorite place on earth is Montreat, NC where I spent my 1st 2 college years. When I drive through the Montreat gate, I feel the presence of the Lord totally surround me. For me, that little town in those beautiful mountains is holy and full of special memories.

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