Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m starting a conversation on life and faith, books and writing … our hopes and dreams and fears and families and fighting for joy in a difficult world. We may not come up with many answers, but in sharing we will find encouragement and have a little fun along the way.

To start things off, I’m a writer … by day I write editorials for a daily newspaper; by night I write fiction. In between I read, read, read…

My newest book is Seeds of Evidence, which will be published in April 2013 by Abingdon Press. It’s another FBI thriller and it’s set in one of my favorite places on Earth: Chincoteague, Virginia.

Did you know plants have DNA just like we do? FBI Special Agent Kit McGovern’s only clue to the killer of a young Latino boy whose body washed up on the beach is the acorns in his pockets. Can she use plant DNA to track the murderer?

And that’s just the beginning of a great adventure … .

Here’s an inside tip, just for fun: Kit is named for two people from my church who long ago supported my early novel-writing efforts: They’ve moved far away, to Maine, but God bless Dan and Jane McGovern. Your words of encouragement have not been forgotten


About lindajwhite

I love God, my family, dogs, the beach, and books of all sizes,shapes, and colors. I write "white-knuckle fiction"--FBI thrillers with a Christian twist. My favorite authors are John Piper, C.S. Lewis, and Paul. Someday, I hope to hear, "Well done, ..." But if I do, it'll be because Jesus has carried me through. Come visit my website at lindajwhite.com.
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